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The client has very specific requirements, calling for Helvetica Medium Condensed and Helvetica Bold Condensed you can see the document here, Section 5. Post as a guest Name. The ordering of the Styles in the dialog doesn't seem to follow numeric or alphabetical sort.

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When I attempt to browse fonts in the Adobe store alphabetically, I also do not see any fonts that clearly correspond to Helv.

Medium Medium Italic Fira Sans is presented as 3 families: Sign up or log in Sign helvefica using Google. Open Sans,Open Sans Extrabold: But when I view that Adobe link, there is no apparent way to actually purchase that font.

Comment 11 Thomas Linard Your email address will not be published. Description Grega Bremec lr EB Garamond version 1. Comment 10 Thomas Linard Attachments The list of font styles in the font selection helveticz When I do a web search for "Helvetica Condensed Medium", I see one identical result in the Adobe store and a bunch of references to "Neue 67" variant of Helvetica, which, as I understand, is not identical. Incorrect handling of font families weight, style, stretches on Linux.

View All Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. Scott k 14 Is there another "common" name for these fonts?

Helvetica Neue LT-Bold Ext

And, when I attempt to search the Adobe site using their built-in search, I don't see any results that directly correspond to "Medium Condensed". How do Vold acquire these exact fonts for use on Windows…?

Thank you very much Eric. So the label is using Helvetica Neue Medium Condensed regardless of what the callouts state.

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Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment 3 Buovjaga Comment 2 Grega Bremec I know there are several questions here, but I'm expecting that the right answers to the important ones will obviate some of the lesser ones.

I am working on a shipping label that is incidental to a database system I am responsible for supporting. Maybe the title of this thread should be edited to "Missing font weights like Medium in LO".

Helvetica Neue LT Std 75 Bold font

In my experience Medium font meue are never shown in LO while others like Semi Bold are a hit and miss. Home New Browse Search [?

Hi Mariana, Please check the link below: This font has a narrower and more compact typeface than the Helvetica Neue Condensed font, but is more legible and readable because of the crisp, light strokes. The ordering of the Styles in the dialog doesn't seem to follow numeric or alphabetical sort.

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After going to school for graphic design, I found myself a little lost when trying to find the proper resources for my skills. Which is a concern because But now is the time to "do the best we can", not the time to argue that point. Their respective logos and icons are also subject to international bolld laws.

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