Girls aloud sound of the underground

Archived from the original on 12 June A Whole Lotta Chart History". The album was completed in April and described as a mix of "Blondie and Bananarama, with a smattering of the Spice Girls at their best thrown in.

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ynderground Pumps the bass line up into my brain Nadine: The follow up, "No Good Advice", chases hot on its heels with more brassy and in-your-face lyrics of defiance and determination.

It wasn't supposed to work. A Whole Lotta Chart History".

Beats are pumping on the stereo Neighbours banging on the bathroom wall Sarah: It was said that it "mixes the hook of Blondie's " Call Me " with the bells from " Rapture "", [13] as well as being deemed "electro stomping".

Pop dance-pop power pop pop rock.

BBC - Music - Review of Girls Aloud - Sound Of The Underground

It was showcased during Girls Aloud's appearance on The Album Chart Showwhere they performed songs from their greatest hits album.

It became the year's Christmas number one in the UK, spending four consecutive weeks atop of the charts in total. Following the single's success, Girls Aloud proceeded to begin recording their debut album, which shares its title with the single.

It also entered the top in Brazil, France and Germany. For 's Chemistry Tourthe song was accompanied by new choreography involving chairs, while 's The Sound of Girls Aloud: The song was slightly remixed for 's Tangled Up Tourduring which Girls Aloud performed girrls in the first section alongside male dancers.

Sound of the Underground

Retrieved 18 November You must enable javascript to view this page. Complete list s s s s s s s.

Sugababes " Theme to St. Sayin' 'crank the bass, I gotta get some more' Nadine: As the team grew, their music began to take over the nation. Select Platinum in the Certification field.

Sound of the Underground (song)

Starting an album with your first two singles can be a sign to expect a rapid decline in qualitysoon after, but again the Girls prove us wrong. Archived from the original on 17 January You can add or edit information about Sound Of The Underground at musicbrainz. Sound of the Overground". Live from the O2 Ten. The music video was recorded in an empty London warehouse days after Girls Aloud were formed.

The album was completed in April and described as a mix of "Blondie and Bananarama, with a smattering of the Spice Girls at their best thrown in. It was said that the album's "lyrics [were] curiously insistent upon Girls Aloud's musical credibility and autonomy of thought.

Sound of the Overground". Home Truths Girls Aloud: Chain reaction running through my veins Cheryl: Instead, the group promoted the album on their What Will the Neighbours Say? She stamps her trademark quirky 60s style sound effects over rocking beats for two of the album's finer moments.

Sound of the Underground (album) - Wikipedia

Sugababes collaborator Brian Higgins injects an element of instant-catchy-cool to the songs without going overboard in trying to shape uber-chic dance floor hits.

We were an independent company and we were as indie as the other bands around us. Small puffs of smoke were sent up into the air each time the song reached its alud.

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