Air brake system ppt

When one end of the operating range is adjusted, the other end changes approximately the same amount. There are three different styles of dual foot control valves. In an air brake system anti-compounding prevents the service and the parking brakes from being applied at the same time. The red octagon knob controls the release and application of the trailer parking brakes plus the fill of the trailer service reservoirs.

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Brake application takes place when vacuum is destroyed by allowing air to enter to the system. Most but not all manufacturers send secondary air to the steer axle, primary air to the drives and dominant air to the trailer.

Answer - Red Supply is emergency Red - control is service Blue. Previous valve may be used if a two control line primary relay valve is used. In the long stroke stroke chamber the port outside is square plus the chamber is identified as long stroke.

One thing common to all is that the primary section is normally the section closest to the pedal and is mechanically applied.

Things that could possibly break if the vehicle does not have anti-compounding: A governor's typical operating pressure range is 25 p. Step 3 With air pressure on both the spring side and the service side, the vehicle is stopped with service air pressure.

Air Brake System Of Indian Railways | Seminar Report, PPT, PDF for Mechanical

Manual hrake adjusters are known as either bi-directional or uni-directional. By regulation this valve must be identified as to what it controls and how it controls it. Two-way check valves are available in two different styles: The system purge style uses air from the supply wet and secondary tanks to purge back flush the dryer.

Automatic slack adjusters were mandated on all new vehicles manufactured on or after October 20, To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. If you put 10 p. The red octagon knob controls the release and application of the trailer parking brakes plus the fill of the trailer service reservoirs.

Service chambers are available in standard and long stroke models.

Air Brake Systems. - ppt download

Compressors rely on the vehicle's engine to be driven, cooled, lubricated and sometimes for an intake air source. Registration Forgot your password? Share buttons are a little bit lower. A relay valve works much like a quick release valve except it has a reservoir line which is not on a quick release. Brake cylinder piston takes longer time to release after each application of brakes because brke train pipe. The other end of the spring brake is known as the spring or emergency side.

Air Brake Systems.

Ensure you are using the correct one when replacing quick release valves. The automatic slack adjuster saves downtime. Most valves are pre-set to open at p.

There are many major fleets today who spec brak tractors without hand control valves because better stopping is accomplished with all brakes doing their share of the work. It will not sense any pressure drop. Step 2 With air pressure on the spring side only, the parking brakes are released and the vehicle is ready to roll.

A spring brake is the most dangerous thing on a heavy duty truck. Both systems use single cartridge designs and are available in pp and model. As the driver disengages the brakes, a secondary signal will re-release that mechanical application. It allows the driver to operate the trailer service brakes without using any tractor brakes.

There is a spring with approximately lbs.

As the driver disengages the brake pedal, the push rods should retract. Normally, the port outside diameter of a standard stroke chamber is round.

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