G4 flight simulator

Apparently, the older Add-Ons just couldn't be easily reworked to fit into G4's way of doing things, but they are still looking into some way of making these packs available to RealFlight G4 customers. It turns out that Knife Edge has developed their own proprietary engine. I am not sure who distributes it n your neck of the woods but Tower hobbies does list a Mode 1 version on it's web site.

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Like this site At Facebook: The Piper Cub is another great float plane included, and it is fairly easy to fly off water or land.

RealFlight G4 has undergone countless hours of compatibility testing and evaluation. As your confidence grows, move up to 2 controls, then 3 and so on, until you're doing everything yourself. I'd like to add to your " Pluses " column if I may?

More than 40 flying sites and FlexiField Site Editor. Over a dozen new aircraft including the classic Riley Model B.

Great Planes RealFlight: Radio Control & Control Line | eBay

They have thought about adding some options for military planes that would involve weapons but are concerned it would make the product seem more toy like and distract from the real purpose of the flight simulator. There's zero learning curve, zero hassle, just flying fun. Great Planes Big Stick. Compatible FM or FM-selectable transmitter if using interface mode. The trees are rendered with Speedtree Middleware, but everything else is coded in their development shop!

As an example, I have used my G4 on my old desktop pc with a fairly good spec, and it runs the G4 well.

Skip to main content. It ripples and shimmers in the wind and sunlight. All in all, the RealFlight G4 rc flight simulator is an excellent product, and anyone wanting to get in to the hobby of radio control flying simulaator seriously consider having such a sim.

Great Planes® RealFlight G4 RC Flight Simulator Review

Navigate Blogs Classifieds Places Search. The complete manual is located on the CDs and will be placed on your hard drive in the Documentation Folder, located in the RealFlight directory during the installation process, or you can download it from the Knife Edge web site: The best part is, if y This is the G3. Keep your CD jewel box handy, you will need to enter your serial numbers before the program will execute.

Any floating objects you encounter are dynamic and will bob up and down. About 2 hours of total use. At the other end of the speed-scale, an rc blimp offers a very relaxed, but fun, flying experience!

The RealFlight G4 RC flight simulator.

You can also share r There are 81 models to choose from, 57 airplanes and 24 helicopters update: Comes with all 3 discs in original jewel case and original artwork. However, I am happy to inform you glider and sailplane friendly folks that there are a few new features added to G4 just for you: This moderately priced upgrade can vastly enhance your enjoyment of RealFlight.

Great Planes Little Toni.

Great Planes Real Flight. It tracks very well, and though I have never personally flown one, I find myself thinking about adding one to my hangar if only based on how it performs in G4. Support for RealFlight is handled by our publisher, Great Planes. I do think it is a little flgiht to get the G4 version up on step and ready to rotate free of the water.

It brings back all the features and functionality of RF7. You will recoup the extra cost quickly, especially if you're learning to fly rc planes from scratch. Just another way for GP to suck every last dollar outa the hobbist they can.

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