Guitar amp simulator

Their realism and sound quality has improved immensely to the point where it can be impossible to distinguish them from the real thing. With over 16 painstakingly modeled plugins, the UAD amp collection offers everything from vintage analog tube warmth to modern high-gain madness to thundering bass amps. Having a bunch of amps and effects at your disposal is pretty cool, but being able to properly utilize the effects on different environments and other settings that affect sound is what will take you into the pro league. Metal Amp Room features upgraded microphone emulations, allowing for stereo mics and adjustable panning.

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11 Awesome Guitar Amp Simulator Plugins

I have a good DI and did a sound test through S-Gear. Mike Reply June 2, at A handy bundle of several free simulation plugins. Thermionik includes 30 total amps to choose from.

However, the most important component of the product are of course amplifiers for guitars and basses. Great content, thanks Rob.

Amplitube 4 is an incredibly robust guitar rig simulator featuring 33 stompboxes, 25 si,ulator, 29 cabs, 12 mics and 15 rack effects units designed to produce hyper-realistic tones. There are several different guitar amp and pedal simulations available from Brainworx over at Plugin Alliance, but they are some of the more expensive options on this list.

Amp Sims vs. Real Guitar Amps: The Ultimate Showdown

Best of both worlds. Enter your email address to receive updates: This is the plugin I recommend to most people. Reply Guy Reply December 31, at If that sounds like your thing, be sure to check it out. Works with Pro Tools only.

Amp Simulators — What Are the Best Guitar Amp Sim Plugins?

It includes over 30 amps, 18 cabinets and 10 microphones. We are looking at all the great qualities map this product, but limited to basic features only. But this dedicated bass amp modelling plugin deserves a mention. You must have a good IR, in a plugin you have but those are not so good. Guitar amp simulators allow you to audition countless guitar rigs based on the hardware behind some of the most iconic guitar tones of all time.

I Play with simulators, only. The plugin also includes 8 cabinet models and three ajp choices. It is crucial for maintaining dynamics and sonic clarity.

8 Best VST Guitar Amp Simulators and Plugins ( Reviews)

They also offer some other free gearincluding a bass amp, and a bunch of simulated pedals, cabinets and microphones. Nick Guitae Labs also make some nice free amp sims as well. Either way, I set out to get some REAL data about this ongoing battle by surveying different musicians.

But the presets cover a number of tones and sound really good, simukator you can always use other plugins and EQs to shape the tone outside of the plugin.

Therefore, the really recommended options are the paid ones. With the most recent release, Guitar Rig 5 offers 17 amps, 27 cabinets and 54 effects. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience. The Clean channel is simulaator by the classic Californian circuits and the Rhythm channel has a hot-rodded British character, while the Lead channel is a custom algorithm designed for very high-gain settings.

You can get started with a couple of amp modules and some gear for free.

Enter Your Email Address. Some bands have built entire legacies on their guitar tones. This is also the system I mostly use in my live rig.

My main concern, now, more than recording, is being able to play my bass through my laptop and headphones to avoid disturbing those who are around me my apartment is small…. You can buy amps separately or with a bundle package.

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