Garmin nuvi 1490t

This forum has been a great help in assisting me on making my gps purchase. I am a gps newb in need of a gps for my job. To be safe, I think I would ask the seller to update the map to the current version There may well be a current, new unit that would be a better choice for you but it would all depend on what kind of money you are willing to spend and what features are a "must have" for you. I don't remember the details though, whether the or was affected the most.

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One thing you should ask the seller is if the was registered with Garmin.

Portable friction mount new design; does not include unit mount. ExpertGPS lets you quickly view, change, or batch-edit your photo metadata.

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With care any Garmin should last many years. You can even select an entire segment of your GPS track and drag it right back to its correct location on the map!

There was some controversy as to whether these problems were hardware or software related, and I think some people got Garmin to replace theirs under warranty. Sure, it isn't waterproof, and doesn't have all the shock resistance, but it seemed to offer a number of the other benefits a motorcyclist uses. ExpertGPS allows you to calculate acreage in three different ways: I tried to update maps and could not because it was too old.

Garmin Nuvi 1490

Can't beat that for value!!! The Garmin is a very good GPS unit. I was not aware that Garmin had lifted that restriction Calculate area by tracing over a map or aerial photo. This model comes with pre-loaded maps of all of Europe which occupy approximately 2.

The lifetime update will not allow you to add this additional coverage, so you are stuck with what it has. Even if the map updates are not affected by the registration, the new owner may want to register the device and this would require the old owner to deregister the Nuvi anyway.

I have a that is still going strong but as with any second hand purchase there is no guarantee. Touch an icon 149t switch to the corresponding page keep your finger on the satellite icon for a few seconds. This means the item has been inspected, cleaned, and repaired to 190t working order and is in excellent condition.

Name of the affected road with distance and direction from current location to traffic incident touch to display nhvi incident on the map Back to previous page Previous traffic incidents Next traffic incidents.

Oh well, I'm surviving without it. I would never buy a garjin GPS from somebody I did not know because of the number of u8niots that are stolen from cars. ExpertGPS will save you hours on this one task alone! Find out more about how to manage cookies, or dismiss this message and continue to use cookies.

Hopefully that " version" that was stated in the original post doesn't indicate the map version because that would make it at least 3 years since the last update. Download Free Trial Buy Now! June edited June When you read on the Specs sheet that a product has Bluetooth, you garmon that includes the full capabilities nuv Bluetooth. As has been said, you will be able to update the software but there maybe an issue with updating the maps.

Current statement is here: I don't think this model has bluetooth capability however.

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Field for text entry Move cursor left Move cursor right Delete last character Keyboard Back to previous page Keyboard mode language Switch to special characters Finish text entry. MsVees I just thought of another issue you may want to check on before you buy the Time and date at current position World map with day and night zone Back to previous page.

GPS status Map in 3D view in day mode with current position blue car and indication for traffic messages green icon Back to main menu Current time touch to select:

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