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This is most useful for executable-specific default settings, such as settings just for SCM server-side triggers. Custom location specified via the --pref-dir global option If the --pref-dir command line option is specified, Collaborator will use the configuration files from the specified location. Click the image to enlarge it. In this case, you can also use the -dir [directory] switch to specify the target install directory.

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This is the recommended way to install the client software because you get a chance to see all the configuration options and allow the installer to validate your configuration. If this option is selected, the installer will attempt to configure the P4V and P4Win integrations for the current user.


When run in unattended mode, the installer cannot verify the client's connection with the Collaborator server. The client installer is cross-platform and can be run in an interactive GUI mode or silently from the command-line.

Buy Contact Blog Community Log in. This is the default location for configuration settings.

Applies to Collaborator Collaborator uses several configuration files to store configuration. When you collanorator the URL, be sure to remember to specify the protocol for example, http: If you used the graphical installeryour connection to the Collaborator server should be already operative.

Codd this case, you can also use the -dir [directory] switch to specify the target install directory. Getting the Installer Go to our website to get the latest installer for your platform: Other users will still need to configure the integrations manually. Server URL must include the correct port number and path, if applicable.

Web Client

Your username and password must already exist on the server. Client Installation Client Installation. Specify if you connect to the Internet via proxy. In order to enable integration with ClearCase Remote Client, you should launch client installer with administrator permissions on Windows. Use the ccollab login command to connect core the Collaborator server and save your server connection options to the configuration file.

The user name and password are the same as you use when logging into the web server the password is requested when you log in for the first time.

ccollab| Collaborator Documentation

If some additional actions seem necessary, please see the Configure Server Connection section below for detailed instructions. Highlight search results Highlight search results. After this step, you will be prompted for additional tasks. Otherwise, you can launch the installer as a regular user.

The password is requested and stored the first time you log in. To configure a client for working with version control or Coient, please check one of the following articles:. The next screen lets you configure how and if your Start Menu Windows only is modified.

The -q switch gives you a silent install and will not prompt you for any installation instructions. It is coe for user-specific settings. This will not remove any existing configuration data, like preferences, SCM configurations, default browsers and so on.

Configuration| Collaborator Documentation

Otherwise you will receive a warning message when you try to connect. Buy Contact Blog Community Log in. This is most useful for system-wide default settings. Buy Contact Blog Community Login.

Log into the server first from a web browser to test your account information. To apply the latter option, restart the client. If it fails, check the error message for instructions.

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