Blazo colors of jazz

A great representation of Spring. Many of its songs are literally just four to eight bar measures looped for about three minutes. Leonardo da Vinci once said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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The Garden by Substantial. Colors 2 is the same thing.

Asdfp April 17th Comments. The songs on Modal Soul felt like they were going somewhere. Relinquished April 17th Comments. It includes 18 jazzy hip-hop instrumentals in different vibes. At times, Colors of Jazz feels like a broken record skipping.

Colors of Jazz 2 by Blazo. Featuring interviews with Neneh Cherry and Creole-influenced Dowdelin.

The debut instrumental LP by Substantial; a wide-ranging album of upbeat, bass-heavy melodies to mellow, jazzy rhythms. Purchasable with gift card. This series of melodies by Blazo could only get better.

Login Create a Profile. The tone and warmth of the instruments on every track are so unfluctuating and constant.

Moon White was my personal favourite. Blazo Colors Of Jazz 4.

Colors of Jazz | Blazo

For example, the opening track, Natural Green, has a very bright, organic sound and a lively, happy-go-lucky piano melody. This runtime could've been cut down considerably if more tracks were a little under two minutes like Brisk Yellow. What separates this album to others in its genre, like Modal Soul by Nujabes for example, is that Modal Soul had progression. Certain cuts from this record such as Sky Blue and Through the Jazz are two of the weaker tracks and are also two of the longest.

Run the Jewels 3. This first Colors of Jazz record is his sophomore effort following his debut Alone Journey from Reduce the treble for the "verse" sections and turn the treble up again for the "chorus" sections and you have a Blazo song. Thank you again for your invaluable support.! If you like Blazo, you may also like:.

Colors of Jazz

Each smooth sample ranges from piano, saxophone, guitar, strings, and flute instrumentation. Leonardo da Vinci once said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. While this is colods very simple record, it is also undeniably classy and charming. A few of these songs are not as fleshed out as others and have ran dry with their repetition.

Blazo is a Polish producer who specializes in jazzy chillhop beats. The second volume of the "Colors of Jazz" beats is perhaps my favorite. All songs except one are named after different colors, each appropriately fitting with a particular song's mood.

This is one of the cleanest records I've ever heard. Skippy Topaz Really dig this album. While Colors of Jazz's simplicity is one of its strengths, it is also its biggest flaw.

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