I saw the devil

I Saw the Devil was Choi Min-sik's first major role since the changes to the Korean screen quota system. Ho-jin Chun as Detective Oh. Superbly acted, directed, filmed and composed. It takes you through a journey to dark places and at the end makes you regret all the dark thoughts the movie made you think.

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Special features include deleted scenes and "HDNet: June 22, Rating: So I'm actually grateful the film had to go through three different re-edits to get it to screen in Korea.

If she would to choose to call the police instead, wouldn't it be faster for him to call the police dept instead. When Soo-Hyun tracks down his fiance's killer he beats the man severely.

'The Grey' Producers to Remake Kim Jee-woon's 'I Saw the Devil' – /Film

If Min-sik Choi was outstanding as a psycho who doesn't know what fear and pain is; Byung-hun Lee was no less competent. The lines between good and evil fall away in this diabolically twisted game of cat and mouse. Guess that's a personal thing. I Saw the Devil". The preoccupied fiance Soo-Hyun, still on the phone with Joo-Yun, advises her to stay in the car until the tow truck arrives and gets called away devi, business matters.

IAmPhongNguyen Oct 17, In the beginning, she was doing grocery for her dad.

He offers to help her get the car started. View All Audience Reviews.

There is also an envelope with money left on his belly. Min-sik Choi's's acting is incredible, and Byung-hun Lee is no slouch himself. Orlando Sentinel - Roger Moore Mar 16, I think the writer wants to make your mind go to dark places, very dark places. We lucky westerners get to see it in all its hair-raising, stomach-churning glory, and that's a wonderful thing.

I Saw the Devil Reviews - Metacritic

April 27, Rating: Our ddvil at the upcoming week's notable releases includes tbe first Not all critics were favorable towards the film's brutality; Mark Jenkins of The Washington Post wrote, "Director Kim Deil is a born filmmaker, even if this script written by Park Hoon Jung and adapted by Kim is unworthy of his efforts" and rated it 2 out of 5 stars. Those scenes set up the movie to the emotions you the viewer needs to be in to understand the point of the movie. Soo-hyun places a tracking device on the school bus, following and then attacking Kyung-chul while he is sexually assaulting his latest victim - one of the schoolgirls he was transporting home.

Yogesh Odyssey Opera Jul 30 Kyung-Chul takes Joo-Yun to his home and decapitates the woman.

I Saw the Devil

Academy-bus driver Jang Kyung-chul runs into Jang Joo-yun one snowy night and offers to fix her flat tire. It's a terrible time at the movies, and for that it is truly quite great. Jay Baruchel, Evan Goldberg.

View All Photos Suggestion for the faint of heart who still want to try it: Lee Byung-hun Choi Min-sik. Eventually, Soo-hyun's relentless pursuit-and-release approach outlives the director's skill and the premise starts to feel redundant.

The flaw in logic is I don't think the Sister-in-Law lived with the Father. He can't become a monster to fight the monster.

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