Gravador de dvd

I bought this because a few reviewers said they got it to work with a mac. Before purchasing this drive on Amazon I looked at the reviews. I've got several outboard drives being used on my Macs and new drives always appear on the desktop. Formas de pagamento aceitas:

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Not a big deal, just takes a few more seconds - but it is something to mention.

Compartilhar Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Por favor, tente novamente. First there was no driver disc in the box but that's not supposed to matter with a Mac.

I'll add that for a company that sells technology-based items it doesn't appear to be a very substantial website. Could be because the cable is new and stiff and this will get better as the cable is used and loosens up. I booted my Fujitsu U, an older Dell Inspiron and my desktop rig just to make sure - they all booted just fine.

That "Boot from USB" is initialized often set to disabled from the factory on older machines. Searching the Liteon website for the kewords Mac or Apple get's no response.

If you need Lightscribe, it can be downloaded for free from Lightscribe: The connection on the drive is a bit tricky. All in all - if you are considering this drive, stop considering and purchase it already; you will not be disappointed.

Gravador de DVD

The mac sees the drive in the lightscribe printing software, but when gravacor go to print, it just hangs forever. Perhaps that's how the this drive is supposed to work? Formas de pagamento aceitas: I'm disappointed so I'm giving it 2 stars but I sent an email to their tech department and I will update this post and my rating based on their reply.

Methinks someone just had to find something to whinge about and that they should probably go wash their hands instead of complaining There is "in" and there is "in and seated" - if your system df seeing the drive, make sure the connection is well seated - I got caught on that one a time or two, so worth mentioning.

It isn't worth the powder to blow it up on a mac unless you just need a drive to play DVDs. After receiving the drive I went to the Liteon website and maybe I'm blind but all the downloads I found were. Worked on 2 different laptops and my desktop, running XP, Vista and 7 respectively. I did further Internet searches and other than the reviews on Amazon couldn't find anything that pointed to a driver or a solution to get this drive working.

Spend ten bucks more and get one that actually works.

Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. I have a sneaky suspicion that it is a software issue - the software is asking the drive for info and over-rides fvd buttons function. I find it difficult to quickly seat a disc - it seems a little stiff and I have to sort of play with it to make it settle properly. One reviewer complained about it being a fingerprint magnet.

D purchasing this drive on Amazon I looked at the reviews.

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Seja o primeiro a avaliar este item. Maybe I got a damaged unit but the fact that it's semi-operational on one Mac and non-operational on another Mac with a different OS brings that into question. I'm having a hard time getting the cable into the bottom cable caddy and when I do manage to seat it, it pops out a few minutes later. This is the biggest waste of time I've had in a very long time. That was the only way I could get fingerprints to appear on the drive.

When you gfavador to burn a disk, the Liteon just goes to sleep and never burns the disk. Gravador de Dvd Externo.

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