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Jun 27, Messages: S because the engine is moar recent. CyberPitz Party Escort Bot. New textures, new models, what-not. Often, people are lead to believe HL:

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Again, this is demonstrably false, but here's a simple comparison for those to decide for themselves:. I prefer the original because of the hi def pack and i don't think you get gibs in HL: S project set out to do.

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Admittedly, it's not my favorite, along with Xen. The only advantage that the Source port gives you is physics with some items and ragdolls, and the water looks a lil better. Again, this is demonstrably false, but here's a simple comparison for those to decide for themselves: The original is the way to go.

Also, some people prefer one over the other.

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Apr 10, Messages: CyberPitz Party Escort Bot. Apart from the fancy water effects which to me look bad as the rest of the game looks outdated yet you have fancy water effects that stand out and look wrong. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Apr 18, Messages: Personally, I prefer HL: However, nowadays, after so many updates to the Source engine and no maintenance to the game, it is incredibly broken. Needless to say, I was disappointed. What settings should I run on? Wait, whats wrong with Residue Processing?

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Want to add to the discussion? Jul 10, Messages: Jan 18, Messages: How did you get in here?! Source is objectively inferior in virtually all regards to the soufce.

If you want to play a 'remastered' version of Half-Life, pick up Black Mesa. It's come to the point that warning, potential spoiler in image critical bosses are hakf longer capable of performing damage. S expecting it to be what the BM: S possesses better graphics because it's "remastered" and on a new engine.

New textures, new models, what-not. Aug 17, Messages: There is no lie or reason to play HL: It was a very half-assed effort on Valve's part. S is crap, the added physics and water really bring out the game's age and makes it really Source is going to be epic though.

Source is filled with glitches since it was a shit port to Source. Search hslf only Posted by Member: The Gold Source version is better because:

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