Great films to

Robert Altman 51 Evil Dead 2: Stanley Tong , Tong Kwei Lai. The Godfather Part II You may wonder how Indy clung to the German sub in Raiders.

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The modernism, meanwhile, is felt not only in its squib-heavy bloodletting, but also the way it handles the gangster flick itself.

How many of the Greatest Movies have you seen? James Bond's first mission takes him to Madagascar, where he is to spy on a terrorist Mollaka.

Best Movies of All Time | List of Greatest Films Ever

SELMA is the story of a movement. With bowling, marmots and a urine-stained rug. Every frame bursts with vibrant detail and beautifully fantastical invention as young heroine Chihiro has to toil in a bath house for demons to return her piggy parents to human form. Filmss smart re-imagining of fairy tale tropes that's sure to delight children and adults, Enchanted features witty dialogue, sharp animation, and a star turn by Amy Adams.

Before its release, you might have been forgiven for thinking it would be Spaced: While also making everyone examine some fundamental philosophical questions about reality.

Remade but never duplicated, this darkly humorous morality tale represents John Huston at his finest. The Fellowship Of The Ring.

rilms Arguably Martin Scorsese's and Robert De Niro's finest film, Raging Bull is often painful to watch, but it's a searing, powerful work about an unsympathetic hero. The Greatest Movies. Shakespeare gets the deluxe space treatment in Forbidden Planet, an adaptation of The Tempest with impressive sets and seamless special effects.

A visually remarkable, achingly human sci-fi masterpiece. A Space Odyssey Stripping the chase movie down to its raw essentials the plot is basically: Infamous for its shower scene, but immortal for its contribution to the horror genre. The Wizard of Oz 2.

John Hughes grea and directed this quintessential s high school drama featuring the hottest young stars of the decade. The entries span many genres and include some of the greatest movie villains created by the best writers and top film directors in the industry.

Top Movies - Best Movies of and All Time - Rotten Tomatoes

Browbeaten by his principal at A quickly forgotten chapter in United States military history is relived in this harrowing war drama from director Ridley Scott, Thrilling, earnest, and buoyed by Gal Gadot's charismatic performance, Wonder Woman succeeds in spectacular fashion. Featuring bravura set pieces, sly humor, and white-knuckle action, Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of the most consummately entertaining adventure pictures of all time.

That theme, of course, being brilliantly embodied by Al Pacino as Michael Corleone: Singin' in the Rain Best Movies Of All Time. Taiwanese filmmaker Ang Lee took a break from making Western period dramas to fashion this wild and woolly martial arts Woody, a traditional pull-string talking cowboy, has long enjoyed a place of honor as the favorite among six-year-old Andy's menagerie One of the definitive Generation X movies, Say Anything is equally funny and heartfelt -- and it established John Cusack as an icon for left-of-center types everywhere.

The 100 Greatest Movies

grext It also drew some tremendous big names to its supporting cast. Fueled by a gripping performance from David Oyelowo, Selma draws inspiration and dramatic power from the life and death of Martin Luther King, Jr. Children of Men works on every level: Space men travel to a planet Which is pretty cool, when you think about it. What happened to those guys, anyway?

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