100 day with mr arrogant

Not ugly, not plain but the chemistry, biology, physics and all the sciences needed to conspire a romance based film were out of focus and most of the time missing in action. The potential of a nostalgic youth film was there but it lacked comic inserts and spotlight scenes that would make the viewers relate to the characters, or just even reminisce those reckless days they also had when they were young. Seeing the love grew, saddled, steadied, lost and fulfilled was I think the reason why it created huge admiration.

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The parallelism from the characters of switching timelines was well portrayed and there was just so much love in the air. This movie was based on a true story.

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Hyung-joon asks her to meet him up at a restaurant when he realizes that the days of enslavement will be over. While the movie overall loses a bit once it goes into kr mode, she still stood out. Han Sung Shik Teacher.

Director Kwak Jae Yong helmed the production.

It brought him to leave his sanity and caused rift to his real life marriage. So Aunt Aphrodite, in no particular order here it goes… please accept my love offering. This started out well, but concluded weak… I would have wanted a clean ending. A woman traced her first love to make him fulfill his promise of making her dream house. This film will make you think about flowers, summer walks and pure love. It was not appealing for me but if you really like Lee Min Ki, maybe you can just focus on his face when it becomes boring.

There was a couple who fell in love, broke up and then got back together. The main love story started very strong and adorable and I really sighed and got sad when their love became a tragedy.

It was a fair watch but I was not amused by it. Easy to follow and light to digest, Miss Granny is best watched with family and friends. It depicted misplaced trust and love. It was definitely meaning to present the inconsolable truth about the depth of a parental and filial love. The story really took time to explain fully the narrative and even with a trite conflict, it was concluded neatly in the end. Tied with friendship, secret adoration and almost love, this is a little witj that will fill you up with rose petals.

Kim Yong Gun Hyung Joon's father. Even the humor was edifying, and you will just find yourself immersed in the story, cheering for Dong-gu… cheering for everything that jr make him happy. As a self-confessed sucker for accidental and impossible love, the saddening thought of an is-this-person-worth-it-kind-of-love transcended agrogant this movie. I was really amused at this movie. Commitment Quick Movie Recap.

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It is a love story of a devoted husband who stayed with her wife even when she was slowly forgetting that he happened in her life. The lead actor was quite tired of the relationship with her GF.

Because of the conflict she was accidentally put into, she decided to step up and throw away her old self and from then she arrogaant into an overnight female negotiator.

Someone Special — Because love happens surprisingly when we stop looking for it. IL Mare literally screamed soft and moving love story of time-crossed lovers.

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A perfectly portrayed and a moving story of understanding the pain that comes when loving someone and loving someone when you are in pain. Ha Ji Won played a role of a radio scriptwriter who was always dreaming of meeting the guy who helped her pay her tuition in college.

It will remind us of the foolishness we all did when we first fell in love. The friend in guilt promised her life to atone for her sins. I have prepared myself that it could be a dragging narrative since it is already a year old movie but the fetching capturing of the scenes showing vibrant emotions is a must watch for film 10 and critics. Lee Byung Hun mostly did action films so it was a breather when he suited up the role for this romcom delight.

While I enjoyed most of it, I felt detached after watching it.

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