Hgec body replacer

This is an "average female" with "a solid and healthy body, with a bit of extra meat here and there. The main file has nude and non-nude versions. Same for putting them back on. Main file at the Project Home site. Main file nude-only TESNexus.

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Enhanced Hotkeys — Allows you to easily assign a ton of different hotkeys. It will tell you there are conflicts. For the work of the original authors read the original readme files included and follow their guidelines.

Auto Update Leveled Items And Spells — Automatically levels certain items that normally are set to the level you replaacer when you first found them. Main file nude-only TESNexus.

Search For General Bugs. These are independent from your own saves.

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Now go to the video options. Shadows on Grass On. Clear a hotkey by clicking the X for every item in the hotkey. Works when moving between inventories too. Now oblivion can use more ram. Works well on lower resolutions like p.

You can also equip multiple items to the same slot by simply clicking more items. Open Oblivion Mod Manager.

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Types of Mods (Oblivion)/Body Replacers

You can fasttravel there or take a walk and then take the stairs and go all the way up on the mountain. Whenever you install other mods, be sure to go through these instructions again. Keys are automatically added to it. For my work, feel free to use it, as long as you credit me. If you wish to be unblocked, you must agree that you will take immediate steps to rectify this issue. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

Being a contributor even has a few special perks, but they're a secret for the moment. Double click the mod to install it. Thor the God of thunder, Master trainer in blunt. On the right, the UI may be all smushed up.

HGEC and Exnem's Female Body Replacer : IV - Oblivion

All of these mods can use Exnem body textures, meaning that the textures will fit any body, but clothing and armor meshes may not have the exact shape for a given body.

This has to be after the character overhaul esp or it will not fix the horse armor bug. This body type is built off Exnem's replacer and requires bbody files ; it features oversized breasts on Exnem's body.

You can also put up a disco ball and cause npcs to dance with spells.

Keychain — Adds a keyring item to the game. Please subscribe and read our sidebar before you post! Stylish Jump Animation Replacer — Changes the normal jump to a more femininized jump.

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