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The New Addams Family Series. PS3 , Xbox , Windows. Get TWO downloadable copies of the finished game. The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout.

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Bart's House of Weirdness.

Go to the Site. Singing sea shanties to yourself as you play is optional.

Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage. Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan, and Naruto are all present and correct, plus a few other gems you may not have heard of before. This stand-alone adventure will give you a glimpse into what the brand-new story and characters of Life is Strange 2 will be We can now bring on a few more talented people to animatd finish the game in half the time.

Slump and Dragon Ball series. The Legend of Korra: Out of the Shadows. This article does not cite any sources. Beavis and Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity. Across the 2nd Dimension.

Iconoclasts First Released Jan 23, released. Nintendo 64Windows. Microsoft WindowsGBC.

Anime Games In 2018: Attack On Titan, My Hero Academia, And More

This is where Evermore comes in, your new civilisation that you can build from the ground up by recruiting specialists from across this beautiful anime world. Closers form a team of psychic teens known as the Black Lambs, and it is up to you — and a few online pals — to defend your gorgeously stylised world from a pesky band of interdimensional aliens.

If you animatex it, all you need to know is that it is a classic that any RPG fan should take a look at. Frostpunk First Released Apr 24, released.

Best PC Adventure Games - GameSpot

The Clone Wars — Republic Heroes. It differs from other MMOs in that instead of focusing on brute strength it instead specialises in graceful martial arts moves where timing, counters, and combos trump strength stats and modded weapons. Upvote Leave Blank. Dora's World Adventure [ citation needed ].

She is also working on the sound design and marketing for Lilly Looking Through. Lilly Looking Through Demo Linux.

Battle Royale First Released Feb 28, released. Originally a GameCube title, this anime game graced the PC with its charming presence in Tasmanian Devil Looney Tunes. Revenge of Monkey Fist.

Anime Games In Attack On Titan, My Hero Academia, And More - GameSpot

The Last Hope Naruto Shippuden: Renee Britton designed the T-Shirts for us. A custom designed popup card of Lilly's village, mailed directly to your door! In what is undoubtedly the most complete Naruto game, this is an anime game that is not to be missed. Its zany story aside, it is the equally weird set of characters and engaging investigative gameplay that puts Danganronpa 2 up there with the best anime games for PC. Quest for the Shaven Yak.

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