C1 passport form

You are a British Citizen. Find More Posts by louie. Do I need to be registered as a UK Citizen or anything like this?

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Apr 30th1: I'm a "British Subject" born in Australia before and both parents are British, I'm trying to fill out the C1 form and I am finding the wording frustrating in several sections. I had my dads expired english passport but the idiot cleaning woman at work threw it out. I am under the impression I can pretty much just apply for a passport as an Aussie citizen with British parents and get just the passport. All you need to do is apply for the passport and attach your parents Birth Certs.

Contact Disclaimer Privacy Copyright Terms crawler. Also my birth was never registered in passpirt British consulate - as far as the English are concerned, I don't exist.

So I guess I don't need their original or expired passports and or passport numbers now. C1 Form British Passport c1 form for british passport fill online printable fillable blank.

If I continue on with the question it asks me the preivous passport number which I assume is irrelivant to them if it's an Australian passport? Add a Poll to this Thread. You are a British Citizen. Apr 30th8: I have no idea if I can get my parents original birth certificates, I can't imagine how it's even possible. Originally Posted by scottylans. This certificate needs to show the details of the applicants parents" I have bolded the ridiculous sections If someone can translate how that works, I would be mighty impressed.

Hi, putting in the UK passport application for me and my 2 sons nearly gave me a nervous breakdown 2 weeks ago. I posted this in the Aussie forum but I think it might be more applicable here.

Apr 30th7: Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Not sure about the first question Last edited by canadaeh; Apr 30th at 8: Apr 30th Find More Posts by scottylans.

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They should help you complete the form. Find Fogm Posts by louie. You don't need to have been born in the UK to get a British birth certificate - see here. Both of your original questions are covered in both the C1 notes and the "how to complete" guide found on this page. Apr 30th9: Well I was born in and I was born here in Australia so I am guessing I still tick yes, despite the date question, right?

Since I can't post a picture here, I'm going to post a quote, a ridiculous quote File "Checklist7" I believe that covers me - passsport is notes on how to apply for my passport.

C1 British passport application, HELP.

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Are those a requirement?

The Australian application fogm a lot easier. I am trying to fill out the C1 form and I am finding the wording frustrating in several sections. Find More Posts by roaringmouse.

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