I am jackie chan my life in action

Another beautiful part of this story is about sacrifice. His father turned him, then only 7, over to a Chinese opera-school master whose brutal but effective training gave Chan the basic skills for becoming a world-class martial artist and, eventually, the greatest stunt performer the movies have ever seen. Chan tells how he resisted studio efforts to turn him into "the next Bruce Lee" and instead developed the self-effacing screen persona and the combination of thrills and comedy that make his movies recall those of Keaton and Lloyd as much as those of Stallone and Schwarzenegger. I really enjoyed learning about his early life and early career. My Life in Action by Jackie Chan ,.

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When I got this book I literally did not put it down until I'd finished; it took me a whole day to read but it was worth every minute and every hour. Everyone says that Jackie Chan is a really nice guy, but Chan tells how success went to his head, how he became an arrogant jerk. How the dying art of Chinese opera led Jackie to the movie business--and how he made the leap from stuntman to superstar.

Books by Jackie Chan. After running down the face of a ceremonial facade that's in the process of falling over, I narrowly cyan being crushed by standing in the right place at the right time--with my body going through an opening in the facade as it crashes down right over me.

Chan was given roles, none of which were successful, until he was allowed to craft his own style. Apr 02, Carlyn Brody rated it it was amazing. This is vastly superior to the typical celebrity biography.

My Life in Action inan autobiography that has proven popular with his fans. Chien's courses in Xction history in fact, it might have been an option in the Modern Chinese History classso I liked it as much as I did for the clarity of the memory it invoked.

She said who is it them or me? The presence of the ghostwriter is more evident here than in similar works, and fans familiar with Chan's modest English won't much detect his voice. Make this your default list. Learn how your comment data is processed.

The last third of the book, about Jackie Chan's rise to success, is interesting. The 4 comes from some language but other than that, it's pretty clean. Another turn of history brought Jackie Chan to be part of the last generation to grow up in the exacting world of the Chinese Opera schools.

I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action by Jackie Chan

The oldest brother named Sumo left the house first and helped Jackie find work all the time. Some people may dismiss martial arts movies and some of them are pretty bad ; however, Chan speaks eloquently about his craft, about how much thought and choreography go into action scenes, and the responsibility he feels toward his fans.

Operation Condor We intended Operation Condor to be epic in every way: But if you are a fan of Jackie's movies and want to learn a little bit more about him, check out this book!

Chan made several Kung Fu-type movies from todiscovering his unique talent cjan combining martial arts and physical comedy.

They're forced to veer off and crash into stacked piles of crates, while I ride my cycle off the pier and into the air, leaping up to grab hold of the net at the very last minute. He found school boring and English was hard to learn. And become someone else. I have now added Drunken Master to my netflix list. But every time it made me uncomfortable.

I mix chzn up.

I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action

From there it was a bit of personal drive, luck, and help from his opera school brothers and sisters that finally turned Jackie Chan into the international film star. I thought the whole training era, fromwas fascinating Jackie Chan's autobiography is written with an easy conversational style, one that allows an occasional comment to drop that reveals a twinkle in the author's eye. Mar 03, Thejas rated it really liked it. When Bruce Lee died everyone was devastated. I suppose that's all too scandalous anyway.

He even cahn on a Bruce Lee movie! But who really is this boyishly handsome, lightning-fast Charlie Chaplin of martial arts movie-making?

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