Dota castle fight map

This bundle is marked as approved. The goal of the map is to defeat opposing team. Later development of this version was stopped and author had passed source. Currently, one of the bugs that is there, if you pause the game, dc's will happen and the units will spawn but won't move.

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Maybe i'm wrong, i just look at the road and the castle area xD. Imo differences between this map and Gex's version are significant enough but it's more evident to those who play CF often.

Chaos has 2 ultimates This bundle is marked as approved. Want to add to the discussion?

Warcraft 3 Castle Fight

To do this your team should win X rounds X depends on game mode. Gex had abandoned CF development a long ago. For those who dont know what Castle Fight is, its two sides with each side figyt to 4 players each with there own Castle.

Yes, my password is: It was really popular in Australian servers. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Log in or Sign up. Counter your Enemies and you will win it.

Castle Fight vb - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic

Step by to congratulate the winners! Jan 15, Messages: Repair bots behavior is handled by engine now Later development of this version was vight and author had passed source.

In some cases this might be useful to defend an early rush after a bad start! The produced units in Wc3 Castle Fight got special characteristics. You control a builder that can construct race-specific buildings. I'll add the description asap.

We've created the Staff Job Openings thread.

Castle Fight 1.30 (SL)

Sure, AI can play at medium level. A good mode is -rr2 random race each round best of 2 Castle Fight Extra Commands: Former developer Elf-Stratigo had passed map source to me and Sunus.

Dec 1, Messages: Melee Mapping Contest 2 - Results are out! ModeratorSep 24, Hey now, that looks much better! I actually redownloaded wc3 recently just to play it, they still have bots running the servers. Download Warcraft 3 Castle Fight 1. Features There are a lot of differences with 1.

Submit a new link. Also spell-casting buildings are important and each race got its own special buildings. Is there a 'Castle Fight' equivalent for Dota2 custom game?

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