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Features of these PowerPoint presentation slides: So what made Nokia special from others? Comparative methods Holistic methods Let us look at each one in detail.

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It can apply in some way, one of its existing brands.

Brand equity charter formalizes the company view of brand equity into a document. Use it to present the name and designation of the members lpt. Add company initials here to get started.

This slide shows Psychographic Segmentation with a mind map imagery and text boxes. This is a Communication Plan Template slide. This is a Dashboard slide to state Low, medium and High aspects, kpis, metrics etc.

The following are some of the advantages of extensions: This can be done in two ways: Who the target consumer is Who the main competitors are How the brand is similar to these competitors How the mahagement is different from these competitors Target Market The Target Market can be decided based on two considerations: This slide shows Brand Quality It also states other deatils of brand quality like- Positioning, Premium price, Reason to buy.

Thus, only a competent brand management system can create a successful brand. This slide showcases Competitor Analysis Graph with respect to Brands.

Brand equity is the premium a brand can command in the market or the difference between the perceived value and the intrinsic value. Also, details of sources and outcomes of brand equity, a summary of consumer perceptions on key attribute or benefit associations, preferences, and reported behavior.

This is an About Us slide. The Residual Approach This approach attempts to examine the value of the brand. In this method, the mabagement convey their impressions by brabd brands to people, countries, animals, activities, and so on. The parent brand is used to brand hrand new product that targets a new market segment within a product category currently branx by the parent brand. Identity Who are you? It is important that in order to make a strong impact, a brand should be strong. Download ppt "Brand Management.

Awareness Brand awareness is related to the strength of the brand in memory.

A celebrity should be greatly popular and have a high level of visibility. State your important goals here. Conduct a thorough research and find out how Coca-Cola has built its brand equity over the years. Branding is assembling of various marketing mix medium into a whole so as to give the product an identity.

Brand Management. - ppt download

Presenting strategic brand management process powerpoint presentation manaagement. This slide shows Brand Character. State criteria and competiotor name in the given table.

Growing and Sustaining Brand Equity Managing Brands over Time It is very important to understand the long term effects of marketing activities on the brand equity.

Strategic Brand Management Process Powerpoint Presentation Slides

This slide states Key Success Factors in a circular image form. It contains details of all internal and external measures of brand performance. It escalated its position to become the number one brand in several markets around the world. Ppf Presentation contains Animation. We think you have liked this presentation. This slide showcases Behavioral Segmentation.

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