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Positive Networks offer a new, cost-effective approach to providing site-to-site connectivity and remote access that is secure, easy-to-use and requires no hardware. Managed Remote Access PositivePRO delivers the most comprehensive, effective and secure remote access services VPNs available, providing access from any location for end-users and branch offices. Upon signing off the system the desktop is unconfigured to its original state. As healthcare workers face greater time demands, the ability to work beyond hospital walls is a critical factor in increasing productivity and improving patient care.

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What type of encryption can be used? How can you be sure that employees are running the right versions of the right applications on their home computers?

McKesson Point-of-Sale pharmacies improve clifnt security and the risk of data breach by adding ANX provided managed security. This paper provides key information on what IT departments need to consider in the event of an emergency, what disaster recovery options are available, and how a new breed of remote access is helping businesses make handling disaster recovery situations more manageable. Both historical and real-time reports are available through an intuitive web interface.

Managed Remote Access | How It Works |

Automatic Drive Share and Printer Mapping When the user signs in to the system, this feature allows his desktop to be automatically reconfigured so that all corporate resources he might need are available. Reporting Provides comprehensive reporting on system status and performance, system usage patterns, and security issues.

Positive Security Module Provides support for additional security features, such as preventing remote access users to have open drive shares, SecurID authentication, and any necessary software updates and patches.

Administrators can set how often the checks need to occur and whether to let the user decide what to do if spyware is found or automatically remove any spyware applications. No hardware or software purchase is required to subscribe to the service.

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Remote work is becoming a way of life for most companies, whether it's an employee working wnx home or from halfway across the country. PositivePro Mobile Client Download. What are some common tunneling protocols? InDiscount Tire undertook an IT compliance and risk management initiative with the goal of not only achieving, but continuously maintaining, full regulatory compliance.

Web-based provisioning vvpn installation Provisioning thousands of users is a simple exercise with the PositivePro web-based tool. The downloadable, plug-and-play VPN Client works behind firewalls, proxy servers, and home networks. Download File 87 KB Risk Management Consulting Enterprises, healthcare businesses, and financial institutions must deal with complex sets of evolving data privacy rules and regulations.

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ANX delivers positvie Application Security Consulting to ensure that each Internet-facing application remains secure throughout its operational lifetime. In this way, we can distribute your application to your users, and use our policy infrastructure to centrally control and configure it for each remote user. No user intervention required, dramatically reducing user support requirements.

SecurePCI protects restaurant brands from the crippling financial effects of credit card theft while reducing the risk of data breach in the first place. Network Connector Network Connector is a quick software download that is installed on a Windows PC workstation or server on your LAN which will serve as the gateway for access to the corporate network. IT departments find PositivePRO simple to manage while end users appreciate the simplicity and flexibility of connections.

Download File KB Healthcare Information Exchange Solution Brief The exchange of confidential patient information presents tremendous challenges to healthcare businesses and those challenges are growing rapidly with the transition to electronic medical records EMRs. vn

Please contact us to inquire about which key business applications are presently supported. Download File KB Security Assessment Consulting ANX is a recognized leader in advanced information security, and extends its expertise to comprehensive Security Assessment Consulting that precisely identifies all vulnerabilities. ANX PositivePRO enables effective and secure virtual private networks VPNs that deliver rich remote access to authorized users anywhere in the world, on their platforms of choice.

TruComply enables organizations to automate Governance, Risk and Compliance GRC processes—significantly reducing cost while simultaneously improving visibility and decision-making. SecurePCI protects grocery brands from the crippling financial effects of credit card theft while reducing the risk of data breach in the first place.

Administrators can easily operate on individuals, groups or the company as a whole.

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Virtual private clouds VPCs simplify implementation, provide secure connections across all endpoints, and enable service that can scale as needed to meet customer requirements. Protecting that information in storage and in transit while satisfying regulations requires vast and specialized expertise and technology. How can you be sure that your company is in compliance with its software license agreements?

Bank management began investigating solutions, and a major criteria for evaluation was that the solution chosen would need to provide genuinely helpful assistance in an easy-to-use format. PositivePRO delivers the most comprehensive, effective and secure remote access services VPNs available, providing access from any location for end-users and branch offices.

High-level security expertise may be required only for on-time installations and occasional configurations, and as-needed to optimize the security environment for best performance. Or schedule a backup job, to regularly backup documents at times that are convenient for the user.

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