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Golf - Talking on the Course 3. Talking about work experience 6. Did you do any internships? Shopping - Clothes

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Pregateste-te pentru orice interviu in limba engleza si devii mai increzator. Yesterday - The Past - General Statements What do you want to be doing five years from now? Are you willing to relocate? Quitting or Leaving Work 2. Why do you want to leave your current job?

University Life - Interactive Practice 5.

Explanations and Presentations General 2. College Related Topics Review Where did you come up with that figure? General email sentences 8. Tell me about your last three positions?

Lectii in ordine alfabetica - O lista a tuturor lectiilor oferite de

It Totally Slipped My Mind 6. A Little Late 2. How do you make important decisions? How do you get along Tell me about a time you went over budget. Love - Interactive Practice Basics - Section III 1. Sending and receiving information 6.

Curs video de conversație în limba engleză

You Made It Big Examinations - General Information Afraid or Scared Dating - Interactive Practice. Roommate - Sharing things and Questions Across ,imba and Miles 4. Making a Reservation III 4.

Marriage - Getting a Church 6. Working With People Interview Quetions 1. Vorbire in engleza Vorbirea in engleza pentru incepatori, folosind expresii comune.

Lectii de engleza gratis pentru invatarea vorbirii, ascultarea si pronuntarii in limba engleza

If you could learn something such as a new skill, what would it be? Asking for Directions 2. Eating and Clean Up 4. Talking to Strangers 2. What ed your weaknesses? Movie Types - Comedy and Horror 9. What a Small World 4.

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