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Effectively whatever game you want it to be, it's even more impressive that DE: HR manages to offer so much customisation of experience while also being so coherent. Days of the Blade? You'd be forgiven for overlooking Tokyo Jungle; the game looks like a B-grade title, with blurry textures and blocky models throughout.

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We recommend By Zergnet. Its simple gameplay and plethora of unlockable animals means you'll get the hang of things quickly, but constantly be striving to get that next piece of the puzzle. Don a rubber animal mask of your choosing and wander into one of a few dozen pixelated murder carnivals to waste every mook in sight, as the background colors pulsate along with the way-too-cool-for-you synthwave soundtrack.

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Page 1 Next Page Page 2. No, LittleBigPlanet 2 doesnt have as sophisticated a platforming system as the Marios and Raymans of this world it's still heaps of fun, regardlessbut to judge the game on these terms is as short-sighted as dismissing Llaystation and Peace because you dont like the font it's printed in.

Arkham Asylum all belong to the PS3 generation. Yakuza 5 is an exuberant abundance of gritty crime drama and abject silliness, and while it may not be the best place to hop in for newcomers, playdtation got plasytation than enough goodies inside to entertain anyone. At its heart, Yakuza 5 is a deeply serious story of the Japanese criminal underworld, of evil men doing bad things and righteous men ripping their shirts off in one swift motion to stop them in hand-to-hand combat.

Old Snake may have a creaky back and snarl even more than he used to, but he's still got it where it counts. The camouflage suit, in particular, is not playdtation fun to hames but useful in the tense stealth situations you find yourself in.

You could criticise Kojima and his team for making the storyline too complex and movie-like especially in terms of the length of its cut-scenesbut the cast of characters and bosses are all memorable, and there's no denying the drama at the game's conclusion. That Arkham City also plays host to a Batman story dark, dramatic and entirely epic enough to stand up in any medium is just the icing on the utility cake.

There's something so utterly right about R3. Which you'll gladly do bames bring Joe Capelli's sad, hopeful tale to its thrilling conclusion. Smartly choosing fidelity, personality ffor meaningful design over sheer scale for scale's sake, Rocksteady's quarantined chunk of Gotham is one of the most striking, affecting and most entirely purposeful environments seen in an entire generation.

You play it because Tokyo Jungle is an addictive roguelike, constantly offering new surprises and challenging you to perfect your routes through an abandoned city as you hunt for food and mates to keep your species alive.

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Simply put, this is one of the most important, relevant, and entertaining games on any PlayStation. Days of the Blade? No, the PS3's DualShock motion controls didn't exactly catch on Lair, oh god and the console was never considered as easy to develop for as the Xboxbut it's still a decent machine with a decent raft of games.

But you don't play Tokyo Jungle for the graphics - you play it so you can control a pack of beagles taking on a lion. You'd be forgiven for overlooking Tokyo Jungle; the game looks like a B-grade title, with blurry textures and blocky models throughout. The ghillie suit stage, the opening scenes on the tanker, that ending - Modern Warfare is stuffed full of memorable moments.

It's got baseball minigames, ramen cooking minigames, stand-up comedy minigames, an arcade with damn-near full versions of Virtua Fighter 2 and Taiko Drum Master, and so much more - and all of these pursuits are fun in their own unique ways. Well, that and the games.


The first game's user-content creation tools were a revolution in player freedom, and the sequel not only refines these options, but expands them to allow you - yes, you - to create not only fresh levels, but whole new stories, worlds and even games.

Each stage is well pitched too - there are few, if any, weak moments - and the combat is slicker than a gull plucked from the gulf of Mexico. It's the way the alternate-reality '50s setting combines with the mad, yet satisfying, alien weaponry, and mixes in with the heart-warming story of a father protecting his family that makes this game a stand-out.

It might have been eclipsed by the success of the PS4, but the list of the best PS3 games is quite something to behold.

Every time you think you've got it nailed, the story throws another situation or problem at you, forcing you to adapt and explore the game's versatility even further. Its dense story of conspiracy and philosophical tension - both global and personal - will drag you along whatever you choose your character's stance to be, and the cohesive, lived-in nature of its world-building is second to none.

But the wealth of enjoyable things to do make this better than EA's more recent Need for Speed outings. It should have been a dumbed-down, lite-RPG cyberpunk shooter with a recognisable name stapled on. Playwtation Resistance series went from decent launch game to disappointing sequel to FPS masterpiece over the course of the PS3's lifespan.

But, crucially, it uses the advancements in technology to better its gameplay. Still essential gaming if you own a PS3.

Page 1 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3. Whatever you think of COD's current state, theres no denying that Modern Warfare was a watershed moment for games.

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