Dell equallogic mpio

Hi David, It is hard to tell the the error stems from based on what was pasted, but it does seem to be a syntax issue. Many are confused with the licensing regarding MEM. MEM will work but only using the default pathing policies.

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Take a look at other influencing factors. What you might be experiencing are behavioral changes that perhaps vSphere made between 5. I have modified the post to accommodate, including the link below that references the latest Dell EqualLogic MEM documentation.

This step-by-step post is fantastic as we had a hell of a time muddling thru the process in 4. There are a number of good articles that outline the advantages of using the MEM.

My physical connections are 1 GbE and the array can saturate the connection, so I am thinking to connect a second virtual NIC for more bandwidth.

Dell EqualLogic Storage Systems

Can you shed any light on this? Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Extract the MEM so that it resides in a C: Can equalllogic add anything on this point?

This would simulate the configuration "expected" by the EHCM MPIO driver, and give you the desired load balancing and session management behavior and hopefully performance benefits.

It will NOT return good results if you try to work without a storage heartbeat in 5. You'd need to use two vSwitches - one for each physical NIC: Notify me of new posts by email. Regardless, if you are not licensed to use the advanced pathing policy, you will need to change this eqallogic Round Robin Here are a comparison of editions: You just need to use Round Robin.

Have you submitted a case to EqualLogic? The guest performance charts in vCenter show corresponding latency and usage in the advanced Disk performance. Hi David, It is hard to tell the the error stems from based on what was pasted, but it does seem to be a syntax issue. Thanks for the clarification Jim. Equallogicc your existing environment.

Dell EqualLogic – New Volume

In other words, no need to add complexity just because you can. Download and preparation 1.

Add a CHAP account if required and add the initiator name. Are there any performance or other concerns I should be looking for? Mind if I bounce a couple questions off you?

But that lack of effort initially can catch fell with you later; resulting in no multipathing, poor performance, and possibly prone to error.

The complete string would look like this.

It is hard to tell the the error stems from based on what was pasted, but it does seem to be a syntax issue. If you need to rework equalligic existing setup, simply put each host into Maintenance Mode one at a time and perform the steps above with your appropriate information. Login to the group with an account with the relevant permissions. Yes, it is a misunderstanding. But the MEM package itself the software that helps you configure everything can be used without issue.

Using Dell EqualLogic and Multipath I/O with Citrix XenServer - Storage - Discussions

I think their position is that the latency spikes during activity are to be expected. The tool can be configured in a number of different ways to accommodate all types of scenarios; all of which is well documented in the Deployment Guide.

One is that it is an impressive component that without a doubt will improve the performance of your vSphere environment. Let me clarify, easier to configure correctly.

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