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Step 1 Open your Internet browser and navigate to the Google website, then access your Gmail account. Did you know you could build a Gmail notification light using a Raspberry Pi? If you need access to your Gmail from your phone? I use Thunderbird as my desktop email client for Gmail.

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Choose one of those shrotcut and Gmail should appear on the taskbar or Start menu automatically. This shortcut isn't available in classic Gmail. Here's what you need to know. Opera Mail also has filters instead of folders, and I believe it was around long before Gmail: The app will appear in your Chrome apps list. I will make a post about it on my blog.

I want to move it to a specific folder like account information or family or whatever and I can't do that unless I move one at a time. Or your local newspaper? I agree, Gmail is great but there seems to be no way around my emails arriving on the recipients' system in horrible Times New Roman font.

Various websites offer free Gmail icons to download. You can automatically sort incoming mail into labels which can function as folders if you wantarchive emails automatically, delete them if you want, or set up a vacation responder How to Set Up an Email Out of Office Responder Before You Go on a Trip How to Set Up an Email Out of Office Responder Before You Go on a Trip Wouldn't you love to go on vacation knowing you don't have to check your email?

With all the background processes running and googles propensity for gathering ALL the information it can Double-clicking the new shortcut opens Gmail in yourthe same as if you opened the browser and typed in the address. SinceGertrude Cryan has been a student of research and freelance writing.

You can put a shortcut to shorcut webpage on your desktop or quick launch bar, so Gmail, being just a webpage, is a doddle. You can have a message with more than one label.

It's only a matter of time before the unspeakable happens Pinkeye 3rd January Click OK and then OK again. Oh I miss these features so much, can't do these in web-based email like Gmail.

How to put a Gmail shortcut on the desktop and icon on the taskbar

Gmail offers offline support through its Chrome app. So I will never loose email and I can view all accounts online view my phone. A window or tab should open showing Gmail. If you know how to do that, go ahead. The control, user friendliness shorctut organization features of gmail are horrible, frustrating and kindergarten compared to outlook. Which features ahortcut your desktop email client can you not do without? The settings you enter here in are just the same as you would enter in any email client.

Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail - Computer - Gmail Help

Target the shortcut at Gmail. Share Share on Facebook. Click on the URL in the address bar. The good think is when I click on the email in the folder it opens Outlook and you can see the email as des,top you have search it on Outlook itself.

If you'd rather load Gmail in the desjtop version of the browser, use the method to create a regular shortcut. What is the taskbar? Master the universal Windows keyboard shortcuts, keyboard tricks for specific programs, and a few other tips to speed up your work. What if Gmail could be more like a desktop client, while not dropping any of its killer features?

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