F-secure policy manager 10

Now all work fine. Daniel dot Salazar at consultcorp. This topic has been closed due to inactivity.

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Can I please ask you one more question - How do I now get all my clients to talk to the new server, instead of the old server? Say thanks by giving likes. You can expect more technical details exposed there. Has your issue been solved? You can reference this topic in your post by adding this link: The db was complitly recovered, without any Errors.

For additional details, feel free to contact Consult via email: Say thanks by giving kudos. The customer computer does not is f-aecure on the Policy Manager as New Host.

You can reference this topic in your post by adding this link: If you receive the same error lolicy to restore the H2 Database backup.

I Would like to thanks for the answer. The admin guide states that this file should be in the following location: Has somebody helped you? If you would like to discuss this topic further, please start a new post. Migrate from policy manager 10 to policy manager Now all work fine.

Policy Manager setup will suggest upgrading those components that are installed on the computer.

When i paste the backup back the same errormassage displays like before. You may proceed with the options selected manater default to upgrade the installed components keeping the existing configuration. BTW, just a note that we have a separate Partners Discussion area http: All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

I made the client installation as usually, setting the admin. Make sure you just untick it once and then retick it so that the distribute policies becomes active, but no actual settings are changed at this point anymore. All they do is make an official DNS registration and have their clients point to that in communication settings.

Policy Manager 10 managing machine over internet. This topic has been closed due to inactivity.

The only files in the bin folder are as follows:. Thanks for the ftp-link.

Downloads - Policy Manager - X

This topic has been closed due to inactivity. If the database is corrupted after restoring the managwr, then I would suggest you to open a Support Ticket via this link as managre would need to collect it from you and try to restore at our end. Best Regards, Sean Veloo Could you give us some more details on your environment and the conditions of your problem?

Now all of the clients should have a policy which will tell them to go to the new Policy Manager server.

This topic has been closed due to inactivity. In the client computer I can f-xecure my server from Internet Explorer, using http: Has somebody helped you?

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